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The most beautiful run of my life….

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

So here I am. Home from Davos and the Alpine Marathon K31. It was a truly amazing experience. Without a doubt this was the prettiest run of my life and I’m living proof that looking at the view takes your mind off the number of kilometres you’re running and the associated aches and pains!

We set off from Davos at 8am in shorts and t-shirts in 4 degree temperatures – but not a cloud in the sky and the mountains as clear as bells. The temperatures warmed up to about 20 degrees by the finish – just about as perfect as they could have been.

And you know….it was just fine. We really could do it. With the exception of two steep descents which really hammered my knees and slowed me down a lot, it was perfectly do-able and we got to Filisur feeling OK, which was the plan, right?

I completed the 31km in 3 hours, 11 minutes and placed 13th in my age category and 82nd in the women’s race – out of about 220. Perfectly respectable for a rookie Berglauferin.

We even ran alongside the railway line up on this viaduct. How cool is that? No, I didn’t look down and had I known how high it really was, I might have had second thoughts!!

So now, at home again, I have a slight headache (which goes with the territory for me, I’m afraid) and two black toenails (I’m sure you wanted to know that part) and suspect I will be as stiff as a post tomorrow – but otherwise I feel great and so glad I gave it a go!

Once the official photos are posted on Monday I will see if I can show you a little more – I didn’t carry my camera with me unfortunately, but it was stunningly beautiful!

So if you run, this is one I would recommend! Check out if you’re interested!


2 Responses to “The most beautiful run of my life….”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Helen, you must feel so proud to have completed such an amazing run! What fabulous scenery!

  2. Vreni Says:

    Congratulations on taking part, finishing and coming in 13th! That’s fantastic. The photos bring back childhood memories as our family always spend our summers in Davos. And how lucky were you with the weather. Well done!