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August – anything but boring

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Hey there…

I’m still here… or I’m back again at least…

Bet you thought I’d emigrated to the moon.

It’s been a crazy month …or two. Too crazy. Time to make radical changes crazy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t do everything and I’m not 21 anymore. My goals of cutting down, simplifying and living a quiet life went seriously out of the window. I mean big time out of the window.

And I’m worn out.

And I have done no sewing whatsoever. In fact there has been pretty much no running, quilting, knitting or writing. And that’s not good.

After our awe-inspiring not to mention awesome trip to Tanzania in July, I had thought that August would be mellow. I hadn’t reckoned with staff shortages and a million new projects at work, which meant I would have to work 120% instead of 80%. I hadn’t realized quite how tired I would get working and going to the European Athletics Championships would be (get up at 6, go to the office, work till 9.40, walk to the stadium, cheer on the Brits till 2.00, walk back to the office, work till 6.15, walk back to the stadium, more cheering until 10.30, fight my way onto the overcrowded tram and train, get home at midnight high on adrenalin and fueled only by coke and fast food, finally get to sleep at 2, get up at 6 and do it all again, for a whole week….) (It was worth it though!). Nor had I really appreciated the logistical nightmare of trying to get a not always co-operative teenager ready to go to school overseas, support another teenager through the university exams from hell or deal with a garden that had turned into a jungle (answer: give up and call a gardener) or the fact that my gem of a cleaning lady would be on vacation. Don’t even ask about cooking, laundry or any of the other things I would normally do.

I survived, but only by doing one thing at a time and very consciously not thinking about everything else that needed doing and all the stuff that wasn’t getting done.

But I realized that it’s all too much….I know, I know…I’ve said that before…but it is. and I HAVE to change – although I can’t imagine I’ll be faced with such a perfect storm of a summer again.

Now I’m wishing myself a boring September. Boring sounds so very, very good…




9 Responses to “August – anything but boring”

  1. Diane stanley Says:

    Ah what a summer you have had. Is #2 daughter heading away to school too or just #1? Here’s to a much more calm September. Cheers, clink!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Oh my! That does sound the perfect storm. I hope you manage to find a better life balance and that the university / school stuff all works out. I have resigned myself that for the next two or three years my work-life balance is likely to be tipped too heavily in the direction of work, but I am hoping manageably so and that after that I will be able to scale down a lot. I know just how easily unexpected extras can tip the balance too far though. Good luck!

  3. Edith Says:

    I am into my crazy busy fall – cross country season and canning is about all that gets done in addition to driving bus. This is the last year though – bittersweet.

  4. Katy Says:

    Oh, I recognise that bit in the middle, the Commonwealths wiped me out! Hope things get better now that it’s end of the summer/silly season

  5. Leanne Says:

    I am so glad that you enjoyed your crazy week of cheering and fun around the super busy work instead of giving up on the cheering. It is so hard to keep the balance, but you will find it again, don’t give up.

  6. Elisabeth Says:

    I really hope you find the right balance! Here’s to a really boring September 🙂

  7. Julie Says:

    You deserve some good long down time, Helen! I’m hoping you have a healing, refreshing September in every way. Much love and many hugs, Julie

  8. CarlaHR Says:

    Hello Helen, I hope that your September has gotten off to a slow start. Mine is anything other than that unfortunately, but I am trying to impose some calm by sock knitting.
    Take care of yourself!

  9. Gertie Says:

    Oh Helen it sounds like you have been run off your feet! You are my beacon of hope that things get easier as children get older but it sounds like it is just as much stress (if not more!) with teenagers. I can only imagine I would be wetting myself with worry if I had a teenager going overseas even though that’s exactly what I wanted to do at that age.

    Hope your work / life imbalance rights itself soon and that you have a more leisurely Autumn than your Summer! Although with travel and athletics it does sound like you had a lot of fun x