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A new year starts

Thursday, January 1st, 2015


Happy new year everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and have made as we say here ‘en guete Rutsch’ (literally: a good slide).

It’s a beautiful day here – clear blue skies and wonderful snow, so as was to be expected, we have hit the slopes. I am just starting to feel the first inklings of slowing down…..I’m not racing down the piste anymore (too many broken bones in the past) and now it’s more a case of getting myself safely down the (not too scary) slopes and admiring the scenery. Notably we are near to being the oldest in the gondola on the way up….just when did that happen?

During my gentle skiing and waiting in line for lifts today I have been pondering the year ahead. Invariably I come up with the same new year’s resolutions as every year: lose weight, get fitter, live a simpler life….the first two are even more necessary than usual as the beta blockers I now take to counteract my migraines (very successfully) seem to have slowed my metabolism as well as making running a big headache and the pounds have piled on….(did I mention I felt like an overstuffed sausage in my bright tomato ski suit – which I only bought in September….?)

I’m planning to create more, sleep more, blog more and focus more, which all adds up to living more and doing more of the things that make me happy. Life is there to be lived….I could do with a few more hours in the day and I’m going to find some of them by stopping working overtime at work (which isn’t paid anyway) and also using my lunch hour to go to a gym and do some exercise…

My biggest aim for the year though is to get my almost 88 year old mother moved into sheltered accommodation in England. She’s finally showed willingness to go and that is going to be a huge task and a not inconsiderable logistical headache…but I’ll take one day at a time and see where we get.

So watch this space in the year ahead….maybe I’ll do better with the resolutions this year than I have in the past!

Have a good one!


10 Responses to “A new year starts”

  1. Swissrose Says:

    Happy New Year Helen!! Let’s raise our glasses to logistical headaches… ;o!! hugs x

  2. Leanne Says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Your plan sounds good and I too need to go to the gym for lunches.

  3. Katy Says:

    My uncle was still skiing at 70, you’ve got aaages to go yet! (right enough that was the year he fell and badly broke his leg, to much scolding from his mother, so perhaps don’t emulate that bit!)

    I’m also on the ‘less work and diet’ regime, good luck!

  4. CarlaHR Says:

    Hello Helen, wishing you and your family the very best of good health and happiness in 2015. Like you I seem to keep making the same resolutions every year but this year I am committed to them. I have joined Weight Watchers to get some of that excess weight off and it is working (although not the past few weeks when I have let myself go a bit overboard). I am also cutting back on some of my volunteer work in the hope that it will give me a bit more time for my own projects.
    I hope that things work out well with your mother – a friend of mine is in the same situation – her mother is in France and she is in Canada. She has now convinced her mother, who is about the same age as yours, that she will be better off in a place with 24 hour care takers and she will be moving in a weeks time – I will keep my fingers crossed that your outcome will be as good.
    Wishing you bon courage,

  5. Quiltova Says:

    Happy New Year Helen. I hope all goes well with your mum. It’s a major step forward though, that she will accept the move.
    I hope all your plans for 2015 go well, and look forward to our weekend in Morzine in April

  6. grapesandhearts Says:

    Frohes neues Jahr, Helen! Vor allem aber ein gesundes Jahr für Dich und Deine Lieben!

  7. Wendy Says:

    Happy New Year Helen!
    I think I will continue to strive for balance in life! Though this stage of life one would think would start to settle down with kids that are young adults…new challenges seem to seek us out don’t they?
    My blog is often quiet as well so another thing to work on.
    Anyways I wish you all the best and ESP in helping your Mom relocate!

  8. Annabella Says:

    Happy New Year Helen – hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you and your family. xx

  9. Thimbleanna Says:

    Ohmygosh — how can you stand the beauty of those mountains? Just yesterday, a co-worker was saying that she’ll be in Germany on a business trip in February and I told her on her free weekend she MUST hop in the car and drive south — to see those stunning mountains covered in snow!

    Wishing you the best with your mother — so many of us are in your same shoes. My sister and I have been working hard to keep our parents in their home, but they need our constant attention, so it gets more difficult as time passes. Not to mention the sadness of watching them fade before our very eyes.

    And a Very Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to your 2015 posts!

  10. Diane stanley Says:

    Happy new year friend. I’m so glad your mom agreed to move. It will give you so much peace of mind. Ps…welcome to the fatty’s club, although I’m sure you look fabulous and are way too critical of yourself.