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A winter wonderland and a bit of crafty pottering

Sunday, January 18th, 2015



It snowed quite a bit overnight and we woke to a winter wonderland here on the hill. Unfortunately we had overslept so I just had time to snatch this photo before I whizzed off to the airport to put my husband on a flight to Asia….. I’m still managing to appreciate the little things in life and this beautiful morning was certainly worth taking pleasure in. The photo doesn’t really do justice to the hint of pink in the sky, but believe me, it was breathtaking!

Last week we found out that daughter no. 1, who is studying in Zürich, has finally found an apartment and will be moving out in the next month. She currently has a truly horrible commute (up to 3 hours a day) and a very heavy lecture load – and let’s face it, living at home with mom and dad isn’t really what being a student is all about. I’ll miss her a lot, but she’s ready to fly and I’m not going to get in her way.

What’s a mother to do?

Make a rag rug for her to use in her new bathroom – that’s what….


So this afternoon I’m happily chopping my way through a big pile of ancient ugly fabrics – and so far so good – it’s the best way I know to use up lots of old stash and as if by magic the ugly fabrics (and believe me, this lot are really bad!) are transformed into something lovely…and useful to boot!

Just to cement my high achiever status I finished piecing a lap quilt using charm squares and a jelly roll of Moda’s Winter’s Lane. This is fabric from last year or the year before and there’s something about it that really makes me think of my Japan trip last January….


If anyone out there is sitting on a nice piece of Winter’s Lane yardage that they would like to sell me to back this with, please do let me know!

So that’s all for now. I have a decadent week ahead of me, with the motto ‘the cat’s away so the mouse will play’ – I think I’m out having fun every night this week….what’s the world coming too? By next weekend I will be a walking zombie!

Best wishes to all,



13 Responses to “A winter wonderland and a bit of crafty pottering”

  1. Leanne Says:

    Enjoy your beautiful snow and your week too. I love the rug and the quilt top, nice to see you sewing again. And great news for your daughter, that commute sounds terrible.

  2. helenjean Says:

    have fun playing, and I love your Winter’s Lane quilt top

  3. Annabella Says:

    Gorgeous snow and I can see the pink 🙂 The rug will be lovely. Is this a different daughter to the one who went to art school? Have a lovely week playing Helen. xx

  4. Susie Says:

    i think winters lane is my all time fave fabric range of all time. I’ve down a number of projects with these charm squares also. Sorry. No yardage. Beautiful rug too and what a magic picture of that snow. Been hot here in Australia so love the look of snow right now.

  5. Diane stanley Says:

    I think using the fugly fabric to make a rag rug is brilliant. Good luck to your daughter.

  6. Julie Says:

    I love it when a thick, fresh snow falls. It quiets, slows and beautifies everything.

    Helen, your sense of color and placement is uncanny. You have such a gift! That quilt! Already, that rug!

    You know how to create a visual feast.

    Hugs to you, dear friend. xoxo

  7. Thimbleanna Says:

    You’re too funny! My hubby just got back from a week away and I was having fun too — up too late every night sewing for starters! Love that cute quilt — and how lucky that your daughter will have beautiful things that you’ve made for her!

  8. Linds Says:

    It may snow here tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much I would love that. I want the ground to be white. For a day or so. And I am sitting here with the embroidery machine chugging away next to me, trying to finish the writing for a wedding quilt for the son of a friend. It is taking forever. I LOVE that lap quilt – the colours are beautiful! Enjoy the quiet – and the creating too. I should make a couple of rag rugs. The Good Lord knows I have enough fabric…….

  9. ailsa Says:

    Love the Winter’s Lane quilt

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Swissrose Says:

    Funny I didn’t see you at the airport – dawn flight to Düsseldorf to see endless boats for two days (with the hubs)! ;o
    Arrived back to find snow gone… and the tiny bit this morning is not really making me feel the love (yet)!! lol
    I think I give up.

  11. Katharina Says:

    Bei: sind noch einige der winter’s lane -Stoffe vorrätig – hoffentlich reicht es aus für die Rückseite deines wunderschönen Quilttops. Ich selbst habe auch zwei dieser Stoffe, zusammen mit zwei mal charmpacks, zu meinen Schätzen gelegt. Solltest du wider Erwarten nicht genug für die Rückseite erhalten, melde dich doch bei mir.
    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg und freue mich darauf, den fertigen Quilt auf deinem Blog bewundern zu können.

  12. Katy Says:

    Hope you had a fun week playing 🙂

  13. Judith Says:

    Hi, I happen to have some yardage of the winter’s lane. I can email you pictures and yardage amounts if you would like.