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Starting to get my life back

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Hello there. I’m still here. It’s just that life has been a bit hectic….

I spent this weekend in England visiting mum and checking that things are organised and running the way they should. They are. Mum is happy as a clam. Infact the manager of her assisted living complex said they should really use her for marketing purposes – she is always happy and smiling and chatting. In fact of the 70 people who now live there, she is the one who has settled in the quickest. Day 2 I think it was when she admitted that despite being dreadful for about 6 months and fighting every step of the way, sabotaging everything she could , her new home is actually nicer than her old one….

It couldn’t be better really, although I could really have done without those six months….(but she’s forgotten all about it, so I guess I should too!). I definitely see the advantages of living for today – yesterday is forgotten about and she doesn’t think about tomorrow, so as long as people are friendly and the food is nice today, she’s happy.

Now there’s just her house to sell and I have accepted an offer, so I really think we are into the final stretch.

My useless brother has been to visit from Canada but failed to do the odds and ends that I didn’t have time for last time (hanging some pictures and mirrors was clearly too strenuous), nor did he manage to take mum on a single trip out or eat a meal with her in her residence….On that front I have now officially given up. He did clear the garage of her old house, (which frankly was full of stuff he had dumped there 25 years ago), but also tried unsuccessfully to get me to pay for it. (Ha – no chance on that one matey!). I suppose I should be grateful for small (very small) mercies.

Otherwise life is starting to calm down a little. I had a day off today as the washing machine repair man was coming (to tell me the washing machine is officially dead) and I managed to finish a pleated skirt that had been half made for months, as well as even making it out for my first run (well, part walk) of the year. It was a lovely day, pottering and taking care of odds and ends. I’m feeling very contented…

This may change as the company I work for is organising to move to a town quite a way outside Zürich. I will have a two and a half hour a day commute on three trains each way. I’m being very open minded at the moment and will give it a try, but if it’s all too much then I shall say so and look for something else, which would be a shame as I love my job, but I have to be able to have a life too…

On that happy note I’m off to the garden to contemplate the small things of life, put my feet up and read my book.

Life is good 😉


7 Responses to “Starting to get my life back”

  1. jan - isisjem Says:

    Glad your Mum has settled in so well. What a relief for you. Don’t envy you the commute but I’m glad your life is on a more even keel now.

  2. Diane stanley Says:

    Glad to hear your mum is adjusting so well. I vote NO on that long commute. That sounds horrible. Even on a train, that’s too much wasted time. But you could get a lot of knitting done, so maybe it’s a good idea. Good luck.

  3. Quiltova Says:

    Oh it’s good to hear that all is still going well with your mum. I hope the move goes well, but I don’t know how you can think of a communte like that! Think of how much sewing you could do in that time!

  4. Amy at love made my home Says:

    You are so right. If you can leave yesterday behind and not worry about tomorrow you will be doing well!! I hope that you can do just that. It is very (speaks from experience) easy to get hung up on what people did or more likely didn’t do, but I promise that if you can let it go it is well worth it. I hope that your Mum will be very happy and that you will too. Again, from experience, I think that the difficulty often comes because the elderly person simply cannot understand or imagine how much easier things could be – for everyone! xx

  5. Lush Says:

    Hey Helen, so glad to hear that your Mum is settling in well. I also vote no on the commute! Been there done that & it is not fun.
    Relax well friend.
    Lush x

  6. CarlaHR Says:

    Helen, how lovely to see your post in my In Box. I am so pleased to hear that your mother has settled in so well in her new home. As for the brother, best put him out of your mind. Like some of your other readers I would not recommend the long commute, no matter how much you love your work you would eventually resent all that wasted time. That having been said, is there any way you could work from home for part of the week?
    Wishing you continued pleasure in “the small things”.

  7. Leanne Says:

    I’m so glad your mom has settled in so nicely. That commute, however, is horrid, can you work remotely, even some of the time?