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A simpler life

Monday, February 15th, 2016

I set off this year to live a simpler life. Nothing earth-shaking, but little changes for the better.  Less materialism, using up what I have, seeing friends more and taking time to do the things I love. I really want to use up what I have – fabric, yarn, food, clothes – rather than buying yet more stuff that just accumulates and doesn’t get used up.

Six weeks in and actually I’m starting to see the difference. No online shopping late at night, slowing down and taking time to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Making time to spend with friends and and family. Reading books, knitting, watching movies, taking relaxing baths and being self-indulgent…..

Of course at the back of it all is working less at the day job and cutting down on stress. This actually seems to be working out pretty well and if I’m honest, I don’t think one single person  except me has noticed. Even though I have clocked up less overtime, things have still got done.

I’m taking time in the mornings to make myself a green smoothie before work and looking that my nutrition is as good as it can be. Thankfully the result is that he dragging tiredness from before Christmas seems to be lifting. I still feel tired at the weekends sometimes, but when that’s the case, I am indulging in delicious afternoon naps. Yes, I lose a few hours, but I’m learning to listen to what my body is telling me and it feels good. I even sometimes make it to bed a little earlier and I let myself take one train later in the morning, so things are just a little less rushed.

Of course it helps that I only have one child still at home (and what he wants more than anything is for his mother to neglect him!) and I have failed big time on my goals of losing weight and getting fit again….but somehow It feel good that at least some areas of my life are going in the right direction.

I’m sure the others will follow. Once the snow goes and the spring comes to the hill I will actually want to get out into the woods and have a little run . Right now, despite the fact I have lovely friends to run with, the weather is so cold and it is so dark in the mornings, there is just no way it is going to happen. The decision is between having the discipline to do what is good for me and being kind to myself. Right now kindness is winning.

And you know what? That’s ok.



8 Responses to “A simpler life”

  1. Jan - isisjem Says:

    That first paragraph sums up EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now. I’m also on a major decluttering kick. I want to have more experiences and less stuff. Something has to give.

  2. Edith Says:

    Neat post. Taking care of oneself is so important. More thoughts but no time to get them coherent.

  3. CarlaHR Says:

    You are off to a good start – while we are busy being kind to others we so often forget to be kind to ourselves. I have found that many of us have a tendency to have higher expectations from ourselves than others do so it comes as a shock to find out that the world does not stop spinning when we “slacken” off a bit.

  4. Amy at love made my home Says:

    You are doing well! Keep doing more of the same! xx

  5. Helen Says:

    Well , from one helen to another , like yourself I have tried to simplify . Reading more working down the like of books and knitting sewing and cooking . Finished work . Haven’t lost weight either though !

  6. Swissrose Says:

    Absolutely. It seems to be one of “those” years of craziness that come around now and again and you hear it on all fronts…
    Definitely still clearing and keeping stuff at bay and a photo of the stash inspired me to get it used up before there is any more hahaha 😉 Otherwise how I will ever get that serene attic bedroom?!
    Take every opportunity even if you have to fight for it 😮

  7. Julie B. Says:

    I love how honest and intentional you are Helen. You are a blessing to me, though we’ve never met face to face. Makes me want to hop on a transatlantic flight and come have tea with you. Maybe someday! 🙂

    I love your phrase of summation: “Right now kindness is winning.” Oh, that this would be true in all of our lives, and in our families and world.

    Hugs to you… xoxo

  8. Diane stanley Says:

    It sounds like you are on the right track. I hope these little changes will bring you to a more contented self.