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Starting small… or one tiny step towards climbing a mountain

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Since I’ve been at home I’ve had time to take stock of things, tidy up, sort and organise. It’s been a bit of a shock if I’m honest. Now don’t get me wrong, the fabric and wool stash was always kind of out of control. Every year I would say that I was going to use it up, not buy anything new (is it just me, or do all quilters and knitters say that?) and every year it would grow. Somehow. Despite my best efforts.

This year though. Wow.

I’ve travelled a lot – India, China, Burma…..and what have I brought back? Yup. You’ve guessed it….even more yummy, delicious, fabulous fabric that I certainly could never have found in Europe. It would have been, well, criminal not to bring any home. So I did. And boy does it add up.

I’m not going to tell you how much. I’m kind of ashamed….

There is no space for anything in my little office/sewing room cubby hole.

So I’m starting small. Very small. About as small as you can get.

I’m knitting stripy socks with those little ends of balls of wool. You know the zillions of tiny bits you end up with when you’ve been a prolific sock knitter for years. I can’t throw them away and they keep falling off the shelf and unravelling on the floor. Which was starting to get to me.


So I’m making a start. A very, very small one. Two socks simultaneously so I don’t get myself into a pickle if one of the balls runs out.

And if I feel rash I might even baste my quilt this afternoon.

Wild life, huh!



5 Responses to “Starting small… or one tiny step towards climbing a mountain”

  1. Swissrose Says:

    lol I salve my conscience by putting aside the “nice” leftover yarn for a theoretical beekeeper’s quilt I once started… whether it will ever materialise is another matter!! Well done you for implementing somethimg totally real 😉 Now please excuse me while I get back to tiny girlie baby knits hahaha…

  2. Di Says:

    I can’t throw those small balls away either. I save them in case I ever knit dolls clothes (What ??????)

  3. jan - isisjem Says:

    I am sure my creativity has dropped because I can’t get on top of the stuff I have. I keep threatening to destash but I know the moment I do I’ll either find I wanted it back or I’ll buy more to replace it. I have at least bought a lot less fabric this year. But it isn’t solving the problem of what to do with that I have and how to free myself of the creative clutter so I can get on with some actual creating!

  4. diane stanley Says:

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you making and blogging again. I’ve missed you!

  5. Thimbleanna Says:

    I’m with Diane — VERY happy to see you blogging again! And don’t be embarrassed at your stash — I have a big one too AND it’s a mess. I vow not to leave my kids to clean it up though, so I’m hanging on until I can retire and then get it cleaned up. That’s the theory anyway. I love that you’re using all of your little sock bits — I have mine all in a bag — I need to do the same thing. Thanks for the inspiration!