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Off to a very slow start

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Usually I’m full of bounce and good intentions at the start of a new year. This year? Nope.

I’ve basically been out with the flu since the 27th – although it can’t actually be the flu because I had the jab. Whatever. It’s horrible and I’ve been coughing and collapsing for over a week and still feel as weak as a new born lamb. I guess my 16 hour round trip to the UK to return my mother after Christmas on the 29th was a really bad idea and certainly made things worse, but thanks to British Airways’ refusal to let me switch my ticket to my daughter I was left with no alternative. There were other factors too, but having looked at all possibilities, there was nothing left other than to bite the bullet and go. Would I do it again. NO. But there you are, I did it.

The gem in the woodpile was that two hours after I has left mum in her flat (and was still sitting on the tarmac in Newcastle on the first leg of the 8 hour trip home), she called here to speak to me and tell me that she had got home safely…..

I think this will be the last Christmas visit….

Anyway the major achievement of the new year so far is the completion of my first Stitch Tease bee blocks since I returned to the fold after a couple of years off. Here they are – all ready to send off to my dear friend Quiltova in the Czech Republic. They are foundation pieced (aaargh!) and I’m glad they are done. The pattern is the Starry Sky Block by Persevering Mom


A little deduction on the use up the stash spreadsheet – I have resolved to do very much better than last year.

But that is the resolution in any case. 2016 was (with the exception of my travels in Asia) a pretty rubbish year. 2017 needs to be better. Not doing great on that one so far, so 2017 if you are listening, it’s time to get your act into gear!

Hope your year has started well!



9 Responses to “Off to a very slow start”

  1. Swissrose Says:

    My eye skipped and read “preserving mom”… I think that quite apt! Although I hope you persevere, too lol Any particular reason it’s spiky ;o?!
    I wish you a better year… x

  2. Kylie Kelsheimer Says:

    I love your blocks so much! I hate that you’re not feeling well, I’ve had just a cold for a couple weeks and that’s been nuisance enough. My goal is to use more fabric than I purchase this year and knock down the stash pile. Those New Year’s deals got me though :/ haha.

  3. Vreni Says:

    There’s a pretty nasty flue going around; my 80 year old aunt got it (she too had the jab) and she was pretty much sick for 3 weeks with another 3 weeks where she felt very weak. The doctor told her to be prepared for a long recovery time. My son too got it quite badly but he bounced back faster. I hope you’ll feel better soon. Had to laugh about your mum’s antics as it reminded me so much of mine. Love the star blocks; they look perfect. I so hope that 2017 will be a good year for all of us. Happy New Year!

  4. stacey Says:

    these are beautiful. hope to see the finished quilt….

  5. Diane stanley Says:

    I hope you’ll soon be feeling 100%. The blocks for Di are so pretty. I love the precision of FPP

  6. Wendy Says:

    Happy New Year Helen!
    2016 came and went and while there were many pluses there were challenges. I too am hoping for a more positive and productive 2017!

  7. Thimbleanna Says:

    Ooooh, I love those adorable quilt blocks – pretty choice of fabrics! I’m with you – 2016 was pitiful and 2017 isn’t starting off great – it needs a kickstart to get good things going!!!

  8. grapes and hearts Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I keep my fingers crossed and hope 2017 will bring you much joy and health and great times! My 2016 was okay. I just hope for more time and energy to sew. I find it increasingly difficult to focus on sewing with my boy getting older and shuttle-time for their hobbies and apointments doubling up every year ? I hope to get my sew-jo back this year. All the best to you and yours!

  9. Julie B. Says:

    These blocks are so lovely, Helen. And I do so hope you are feeling better now. My heart goes out to you regarding your mom. There is just no easy way to deal with a loved one who is declining. I’m praying that the coming year is your most peaceful, creative, contented one ever. You deserve it so much. Hugs to you, dear friend.