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Living the life I want to lead

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Today I had a day off work. Jet-lag had me up and about bright and early and I was running in the woods by 6.15 after watching a wonderful sunrise. All the holiday ironing was done by 9.30 and I managed to take in a yoga class at lunchtime and do a couple of hours of jungle control in the garden in the (hot) afternoon.

I’ve been meaning to have days like this for a long time but just somehow haven’t had the energy. I came back from holiday full of resolve to actually make the life I want to have. Don’t get me wrong, my life is just fine, but there have been too many ‘I really want to do….’ comments followed by no action recently and now I want to just get on with it. Stop mucking around and do things. I don’t mean anything big – just little things that make me happy!

My picky eaters are out of town, so I made a delicious veggie lasagne for dinner

And even though I ran out of lasagne sheets it was fab. Eldest daughter and I will be eating it all week by the looks of things, so it’s just as well it’s nice!!

And then a small trial batch of granola (how many years have I been meaning to do that?)

This is seriously to die for stuff – but I think I might have been a bit heavy handed with the coconut oil. I’m waiting for it to cool off and hoping it will be a bit less oily then. Utterly divine! I looked at several recipes and then just threw a whole lot of my favourite things in and hoped for the best – cranberries, cashew nuts, coconut, almonds……yum!

And then I finished off with some lemongrass and ginger cordial

It has to stand for a couple of days for the flavours to strengthen. And then apparently it goes well with vodka! Well who knew?

I also finally signed up for the farm delivery service – this little lot is supposed to be the ‘couples fruit box’ – how many bananas can two people eat?

The service is a start-up founded by a group of young people a couple of years ago and it has now spread all over Switzerland (only about 20 years behind most other countries!). It’s mostly local organic produce and they guarantee to deliver within a day of it leaving the farm. You can actually choose which farm you want your eggs or your raspberries to come from. I’m not sure how bananas fit into the local production mind you!

Now all I need is for  Park Run to come to Switzerland and I’ll be in 7th heaven!



3 Responses to “Living the life I want to lead”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    Hello Helen, by the sounds of it you have had a lovely day off – very productive. The lasagna and granola look delicious. I subscribed to a local veggie basket service, but with only two people I found that too much of the produce was going to waste so now I am back to our weekly summertime farmers’ market where I have a choice of what I know we will actually consume.
    Love your paper piecing from your last post, it is such a lovely portable project especially when you use a fabric that delights you.

  2. Vreni Says:

    I love those days when things are happening around the house! You had a very productive day and you made the most of your day off. I’ve also always wanted to make my own granola so I’m finally going to give it a go after seeing yours. By the way; I’ve had organic veg and fruit boxes delivered 30+ years ago before we left Switzerland, so it’s not a new thing at all.

  3. Swissrose Says:

    How lovely to see you back on the blog (and hopefully soon in person!)…
    Sounds like you are really enjoying some domestic goddessicity – yay ?

    And as Vreni said, we too had a veggie box back in the late 80’s – only at that time I had little idea of what to do with it all and rather panicked lol!!