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Knitting is cool….it’s official!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

This morning I was peacefully eating my croissant and drinking my coffee, quietly perusing the weekend paper, when an article caught my eye.

Knitting is in, officially ‘in’, as reported by the NZZ – the Zürich newpaper. I should add that the NZZ is what we Brits would call a ‘heavy’. It isn’t a newspaper which reports on klatsch and tratsch or the love-lives of the rich and famous. I doubt they would ever have anything to do with the paparazzi. The articles are well constructed treatises of an academic disposition. It is only in the last couple of years that they made the radical change of allowing colour photos in the paper. They do not publish whimsical fripperies. Serious articles are what are called for.

Today there was a half page article on the rise of the knitting phenomena. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t seeing straight. There was a reasoned and well-written discussion about how the young are knitting themselves hats and scarves for snowboarding. Young people are once again being seen on commuter trains and in trams surreptitiously pulling out their needles. Knitters have been spotted in the canteen at the university; adult education courses on knitting are unable to keep up with the demand they are suddenly facing.

Cool eh? At this point, my rather delightful 11 year old pointed out that it doesn’t say anything about old ladies knitting socks being cool. Old ladies?? I ask you…

Happy knitting this weekend you cool people….


5 Responses to “Knitting is cool….it’s official!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Honestly, whoever wrote that article is way behind the times! Knitting has been cool for ages!

  2. MelD Says:

    Oh right! Seems not to have reached 50 km further on, though, yet!!! ;))
    Having said that, the wool shop is always full when I go these days, and yet everyone I know still thinks I’m strange for actually wanting to knit…

  3. Linds Says:

    Crocheting too. My favourite wool shop in the alps say they can’t keep up with the demand, and wool is just flying off their shelves. Love it!
    I crochet on the trains and there are always other needles flying somewhere!

  4. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Tell your daughter that I said, “Smile when you say ‘old.'”

  5. Wendy Says:

    Helen –

    Your comment brings back the memory of the unexpected sting I felt a couple of years ago when my daughter casually referred to me as “middle aged”. It made me feel the way I do when someone calls me “Maam”. Not good!!!