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The lure of a log fire

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

More snow today. I walked to the school for my piano lesson this morning in the first blizzard of the year. The snow is forecast to carry on all week, but it won’t stay long. It’s too early for that – at least in the lowlands. The ski resorts are happy though and a lot of them are opening early this year.

I’ve been running errands all day and have had one thing on my mind. A log fire in the afternoon.

It’s incredible how  a log fire and some candles change the whole feel of the house. Teenagers who normally never venture outside the four walls of their bedrooms other than for forays to the fridge have been spotted lying on sofas and reading books. Unbelievably their moods seem to have lifted too. There has even been some larking around and joking going on. And real conversations. Conversations not involving grunts and rolling eyes.

I’m enjoying it and hoping that it will last a while.

On one of my ventures outside today I collected my sewing machine from the delightful repair man after its service. I have to confess that this has made me deliriously happy and I’d be raring to go if it wasn’t so much colder in my office/sewing room than it is in the super-cosy living room right now. So for today I’m contenting myself with a little reading and knitting by the fire. In the company of contented teenagers.

You know, winter really doesn’t seem so bad…


3 Responses to “The lure of a log fire”

  1. Vreni Says:

    Maybe this year you’ll get a white Christmas! Wouldn’t that be nice!!! Why not set up your sewing machine in the living room and work there? Just an idea. LG Vreni

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    Hi Helen, that does sound cosy – and all the more so with contented teenagers. We haven’t had any snow yet – but there is some in the forecast for tomorrow – unfortunately it will be mixed with freezing rain so I had better do my grocery shopping today. Enjoy the snow and your sewing machine.

  3. MelD Says:

    Lucky you!! We haven’t had any sign of it over in the northeast, yet, though it’s cold enough :O
    It all sounds very cosy – the best I can do for now is to be curled up in my chair with a stack of candles lit and get on with some knitting… waiting for my own teenager to join me!