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Everything in its right time

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

I can’t believe how early everyone is decorating for Christmas this year. In early November my supermarket was bedecked and full of Christmas decorations, Christmas chocolates, candles and everything else under the sun wrapped in Christmas packaging. Driving through the village in the dark this evening I could hardly believe my eyes – every second tree seemed to be covered in lights. There were reindeer hanging off balconies and Santa everywhere imaginable. Even my dear husband started muttering about putting out the outside decorations yesterday evening.

Hello everyone. It’s only November! There is a whole month to go. We haven’t even gone into Advent yet. It’s waaay tooo soooon…..

I seem to be the only person that thinks like this.

For Advent Sunday my elder daughter and I will make our Advent Sleigh. We’ll light the first candle; the next Sunday it will be the second and the one after the third candle. I want to be able to savour Advent for a couple of weeks at least before I jump into Christmas mode. I want to take time to think about the significance of Advent before Christmas mania hits.

Maybe a week or so before Christmas we’ll go and look for a tree and cut some holly from the garden. We’ll take out the Crib and set it up – but without baby Jesus, shepherds or kings. We’ll haul down the boxes of Christmas decorations and together we will decorate the house. We’ll listen to carols and eat Christmas Guetzli.

I want it to still seem new and exciting when Christmas comes around. If I started decorating in November I can’t believe that it would be anything but stale by late December. I have no desire to  dust the crib or baubles.

Why is it that everyone is always so ahead of themselves? Is it just a great big marketing ploy? Whatever it is, I’m waiting. I want to enjoy today because it is today. I don’t need to be chasing after tomorrow yet. Tomorrow will come. Christmas will come. I hope we can remember what we’re celebrating, enjoy being together and not get all caught up in the hype.

Maybe it will even snow this year.


3 Responses to “Everything in its right time”

  1. Vreni Says:

    Exactly! I don’t understand that either. By the time Christmas comes along, I can’t stand the jingling, we are bombarded with everywhere, anymore. And here it starts in the middle of October. It’s a circus, that’s what it is!

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    Oh, I so totally agree Helen. Here the Christmas decor went up the day after Halloween – while it is lovely I want it to be fresh when Christmas week rolls around. I don’t put up my decorations (including the tree) until Christmas Eve although I will put a wreath on the front door and the Advent candles on the coffee table – but that’s all.
    We are having the forecast freezing rain, the roads are a mess and all the schools are closed today – I’d rather have snow.

  3. MelD Says:

    We finally got some, too ;))

    Although I dislike the over-commercialisation of Christmas, I have found that living here, I rather enjoy the way the season gradually rolls in, with Martini in mid-November and the opportunity for a nice family dinner with a bird… Advent is usually in November, too, and I like to have my ideas for it ready to go and it does mean that as the cold weather descends, I like feel ready to coccoon, so yes, I have put out a few bits and pieces this week, my daughter brought back a fresh green wreath made at school, ready for the candles on Sunday, and I was invited to my son-in-law’s family’s wreath-making evening: the wonderful scent of huge piles of greenery ready to be trimmed and made into a plethora of wreaths, garlands and decorations over hot tea and pieces of cake… a very pleasant evening and one that inspired me to set my decoration up in the (cool) hallway and hang the more seasonal decoration on the door.
    We have several birthdays during the Advent season and being busy during the week, it’s lovely to enjoy the Advent weekends with cosy afternoons of family with tea and guetzli or Stollen, plenty of candlelight and chat, always lots of laughter. They go by so fast, four is almost too few!
    I have left it much later before now and felt really hassled as I rushed out for a bought wreath last-minute, nobody had time to enjoy the Sundays because they had already made plans and I had to struggle to pull a lot of leftovers together in time for the big day. No thanks, not any more.
    As we don’t do much in the way of presents, I like to have the few things I have had in mind done and dusted, ordered and wrapped fairly soon and not enter into the mania of shopping, which has nothing to do with the season for me. On the other hand, I’m happy to make up Advent parcels to friends and family far away and take them off to the post office – there is always a candle, some winter greenery and some biscuit-y goodies in there, perhaps a meaningful item or two, stars… just a little package of quiet and calm in the riot of noise and colour and activity that a lot of other people have. There are no parties or dinners for us, with dressing up or drinking, though we might all bundle up and take ourselves to see a Christmassy market or a film or something!!
    Everything comes down with a bit of a bump on the 26th, so I do like to enjoy the 6 weeks beforehand thoroughly, or I wouldn’t get any Christmas at all ;o Once the turkey is eaten up and the last cake crumbs wiped away, it’s time for snow and skiing and the New Year – another situation entirely, so that’s why I like to enjoy the season of cosiness.
    And now I’m off to light my candles, get my knitting out and enjoy a nice cup of tea with my husband…