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I am a domestic goddess…honest, I really am….

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I rather like Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks. I like her approach to eating – it’s all about enjoyment. Eating at Nigella’s house must be a bit larger than life, but you’d certainly be allowed to enjoy what you eat and I don’t think she really does ‘diet’ at all. No fuss enjoyment – all rather refreshing, if I’m honest.

My nearest and dearest and I were larking about yesterday evening. While  I was trying to peruse this…

(which I would highly recommend, but only if you’re not all that bothered about your waistline. I actually am bothered about my waistline, but clearly not enough!).

…and he was laughing at me. He’s Swiss, so he doesn’t get the English cake or pudding thing. (For him it has to be chocolate (very chocolate) and preferably from Sprüngli, the best chocolatier in Zürich). You can imagine the scrutiny my humble chocolate cakes come under… Anyway, I was trying to explain to him that actually he doesn’t realize how lucky he is to live with a domestic goddess like me. (Guffaws of laughter from husband). So I decided to write a list…

  • 1. I am at home all the time. I have even contrived to work from home, so he doesn’t even see that I’m out at work. I am always here to deal with sick children, or plumbers who don’t come when they say they are going to and to take in parcels, saving him having to ever take time out of his day for such things.
  • 2. I cook nice dinners every evening, often in multiple shifts and always at least two courses. Sometimes even three if I go a bit mad. I don’t often have a disaster and produce something inedible. I only serve fish fingers, roast chicken and meatballs (none of which he likes) on evenings when he is out.
  • 3. The fridge and store cupboards are almost always full.
  • 4. On the whole, the house is kept at an acceptable state of cleanliness. I follow English standards though and not Swiss ones as I don’t feel the need to have floors clean enough to eat your dinner off at all times…Moreover I should add that with three teenagers in the house, this is NO MEAN FEAT!!!
  • 5. I do all the garden work, except for lawnmowing ( as I am scared of the lawnmower 😉 ). That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Between you and me, if I did it once, that would be it…I’d be doing it for ever more. And I do feel a little contribution in the garden is not a bad thing…
  • 6. I hardly ever shop. Except for fabric, yarn and books. I’m very, very content with what I have in life and don’t ever wish for more. So I am a cheap wife. And a contented one.
  • 7. Most of the time I look passably presentable. I never eat lunch in my pjs. (However, I am a flannel pj girl and don’t do little racy nighttime numbers – I suspect goddesses might…..).
  • 8. Most of the time I am very nice and even-tempered. I don’t do hormone-related mood swings and I really only get bad-tempered with the children (when they drive me nuts) or when I have a headache.
  • 9. I don’t say nasty things about my hubby to my girlfriends.(Mainly because there really isn’t anything to say. After 22 years I still rather like him and it’s only the untidiness that gets to me, but I’ve kind of learned to live with that!)
  • 10. I almost forgot…I sew, I mend, I knit delightful socks (even if my nearest and dearest tells me very clearly that no, he really, really doesn’t want any – crazy man!)
  • 11. My final argument is that he can only have the life he has – which I think is a pretty nice life – because I am fluffing around in the background, multitasking like a maniac, unseen but making everything fall into place.

I think this lot qualifies me for the goddess title, don’t you? (more guffaws from husband in the background. Honestly I swear, that man doesn’t know how lucky he is…)

I do not however ride a motorbike. Nor have I the slightest desire to do so. This seems to be regarded as a major deficiency, but I have never, ever seen a domestic goddess in leathers on a motorbike…


5 Responses to “I am a domestic goddess…honest, I really am….”

  1. Linds Says:

    You qualify. Ignore all guffaws in the background and enjoy your elevated status!

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    I would definitely agree – you are indeed a Domestic Goddess – obviously your “nearest and dearest” needs a remedial course in Domestic Goddess recognition and admiration. Your well earned laurel is in the mail (lol).

  3. Lizzy Ruffles Says:

    You are indeed a domestic goddess. I think the ability to mend stuff (hems that have dropped for example) and make meals from cheap cuts of meat that taste good are my two requirements for domestic goddessness…and I’m sure you can do both of these!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I think you are Goddessness personified and I do love your list. I too avoid the lawnmower, there has to be a line.

  5. MelD Says:

    Hear hear!!!!