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Pinwheel Sunday

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Yesterday I managed to finish piecing my Nature’s Notebook pinwheels. Not enough for a twin sized quilt – but I’m going to go a bit wild on the borders and as this quilt is heading for a bunkbed I think it should end up big enough.

What have I learned?
1. Pinwheels need strongly contrasting values if they are going to stand out. This fabric, if I’m honest, is ALL WRONG…Way too many mid-values, but I love the colours and I’ve unpicked and played around with more yellows and strong blues from my stash, so that it sort of works.

2. Don’t try to make a regular sized quilt from a jelly roll – although I have a fair bit left over, which I’m going to use for a pieced border, there just isn’t enough fabric. (I guess I should really have realized this if I’d thought logically before I started. But you know me, old jump right in at the deep end Annie!)

3. There are few things in life nicer than a grey and miserable Sunday afternoon sewing. Especially when accompanied by a really good audible book (in this case Fall of Giants by Ken Follett)

4. Most important of all. I like it and it doesn’t matter two hoots if it isn’t perfect. I live and learn every day and I’ve fiddled around with the pinwheels until they are acceptible for my (sometimes not very high) standards!

So onwards and upwards.

Today I really have to catch up on housework and laundry and do some translations. Maybe late this evening I’ll manage a little sewing time. We’ll see, but if I don’t, tomorrow is another day!


PS Does anyone out there know what has happened to the My Sewing Serenity blog?

2 Responses to “Pinwheel Sunday”

  1. MelD Says:

    Meant to say I LOVE your skirt!!
    Did you enjoy Fall of Giants?!

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    I think the quilt will look lovely when finished – especially if you go “wild” with your borders. I had a sewing day yesterday as well – finished sandwiching my Purple Passion quilt and I’ll be joining you in housework today – stray threads all over the place.