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Just the best (and easiest) chocolate mousse…

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

We’re having guests tomorrow and I’ve been busy this morning preparing one of my favourite desserts. This recipe is courtesy of my friend Marcus (and his mother).

Chocolate mousse tends to be a bit of a tricky dessert – it has to be chocolatey, but not too chocolatey; sweet, but not too sweet; the consistency has to be just right. Until I tried this recipe I have to confess that it was something I avoided making. This recipe is a gem. I have made it a zillion times and it has never gone wrong and never failed to please. As it is frozen before serving it can be made as far in advance as you like. The result is somewhere between a chocolate mousse and homemade chocolate ice cream with tiny pieces of chocolate in it. Yummy!

Chocolate Mousse (feeds 6 easily)

12 oz (300g) dark chocolate – I use good quality chocolate with at least 60-70% cocoa solids.

2 eggs, beaten

2 dessertspoons icing sugar

3/4 pint or 1 3/4 cups  (4dl) whipping cream (double cream for the English out there!)

Melt the chocolate in a pan over a low heat, stirring when necessary.  Once melted, remove it from the heat. Meanwhile beat together the eggs and the icing sugar and then stir these into the warm chocolate until well mixed together.

Beat the cream until it stands in soft peaks.

Stir the chocolate mixture into the cream. I do this by hand with a wooden spoon gently just till it’s mixed through.

Pour into a serving dish, cover and freeze until needed. Remove from the freezer a little while before you want to serve it, so that it has a chance to soften a little before serving.


with best wishes for a fun weekend!


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