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A very frustrating afternoon

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

This is what I spent yesterday afternoon doing….

Yup. You’re right. It is what it looks like.

I managed to set aside some time yesterday afternoon to get on with the quilting on Rachel’s quilt. Up till now I’ve had really positive experiences quilting with my Bernina 820, but I had heard that these machines are a little er…. highly strung and temperamental. Well, I can now confirm that my Bernina REALLY DOES NOT LIKE Aurifil Aurilux thread.

I’ve used Madeira rayon threads for quilting, with absolutely no problems whatsoever, so it didn’t even cross my mind that the Aurifil might not work. After a couple of hours of fraying, snapping, (and that was only my nerves!) and threads that were causing the machine to seize up, I had to admit defeat. I tried every possible way to adjust the tension, to coax and baby the machine along, but it was just not a goer. Threads snapping every 20cm does not make for nice quilting (or a happy quilter!).

So I spend yesterday afternoon and evening pulling everything out that I’d done – wondering why on earth I’d kept trying for so long and why I hadn’t used a longer stitch length that would have made it so much easier.

Such a shame. The Aurifil is a really pretty thread. I’m now going to have another attempt – this time with plain boring 100% cotton which, fingers crossed, should go tickety boo.

At least I hope so. I can’t stand more stress. This is supposed to be pleasure!


6 Responses to “A very frustrating afternoon”

  1. Vreni Says:

    I agree with you about the Bernina 820 being temperamental! I’m wondering if you’ve used the same weight thread in the bobbin as on top? That was my mistake at the beginning. I now even use the same brand for both and have much better results. Good luck!

  2. Annabella Says:

    Oh I hear you Helen, I really do. I have no experience of Aurifil but it seems to be the `in` thread…so I`m sorry to hear it doesn`t get on with the Bernina – perhaps it`s a Swiss-Italian thing! Good luck today and hope things go better. Sending you positive quity thoughts – right, they`re on their way now. Did they arrive?

  3. CarlaHR Says:

    What a shame, nothing worse than wasted time and effort. On the positive side it was a learning experience. Hope things are humming along smoothly now.

  4. Julie Says:

    I’m so sorry for how that thread and your machine are not simpatico, Helen. The end result will be gorgeous if I know anything about you, and I can’t wait to see photos of the finished quilt.

  5. Alex Veronelli Says:

    Helen , I am Alex from Aurifil and I am unhappy for the troubles you are getting with my polyester thread . First of all I would like to hear your feedback about the ” plain boring cotton ” on your machine …I cannot find notes about it in the following posts and I would be sure you enjoyed it
    Than I must admit that in Aurifil we are not so keen on our polyester too this is highlighted already by the fact that is not listed on our quilt website …I am a cotton maker with experience in its production.

    Aurilux has a different weight than the standard polyesters on the market it is a Ne 36 …usually others are 40 and this could be already a dificulty stitching , it has been studied for Multi heads Industrial embroidery machines and that is its main market …I recalcitrant assented to let it be sold in Quilting market just because some Quilters trying it loved …but I am not used to suggest it to Quilters

    However I am going to share your post on , where I sent you also a friendship request . Alex

  6. Bytowne Threads Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the aurilux thread. I’m the distributor in eastern Canada and I have two store clients who use this thread on their Bernina 820 machines with great success. One uses aurilux for both the top thread and the bobbin and the other uses aurilux for the top thread and 50 wt aurifil cotton in the bobbin. I know that they did need to ‘fuss’ with their tension but the results were outstanding. Hope you find a way to get the aurilux to work for you as it is beautiful thread!