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Tadaaa….Rachel’s Simple City Quilt

Thursday, October 27th, 2011



Simple City by Carrie L. Nelson (in A Touch of Rosie Quilts) using Beach House fabrics.

It’s quite incredible how quick quilting with the Bernina is when she’s happy and co-operating. I now know to stick to good old fashioned basic 100% cotton threads and then….blissful quilting….no other words for it. I had the whole quilt quilted with happy little loops in a couple of hours…well, OK, maybe two and a half. because

I’ve just finished the binding. What do you think of the pink? It needed some colour and I didn’t have enough of a matching green in the stash. I’m quite pleased with the pink binding though.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE sewing on binding – especially sewing it down by hand. That’s very happy work in my book. I love seeing the crisp, tidy edge. (Sad I know, but there you go….!)

Rachel’s mum asked for something in soft colours for this quilt – and that’s certainly what Rachel is getting. It actually looks paler in the photos than in the flesh. It’s not a knock your socks off quilt, but it’s soft and delicate, pretty and old-fashioned. I hope Rachel will like it for her birthday. She’ll turn 8 in December, so I have a little time until it needs to go winging it’s way off to rural France.

Until then I shall stroke it and enjoy it!



9 Responses to “Tadaaa….Rachel’s Simple City Quilt”

  1. Susan @ Blackberry Creek Says:

    Your quilt is beautiful, Helen. I wish I could get the hang of machine quilting.

  2. SuperMomNoCape Says:

    That is such a pretty quilt. I love the soft, muted colours you chose.

  3. Annabella Says:

    It`s lovely Helen and will look perfect with its new owner in France. It`s a great quilt because it will grow with Rachel…as perfect when she is at uni or married to now when she`s 9. I love its vintagey feel and its French feel too and makes me want to do a soft more muted quilt. Great job! BTW, I love hand sewing the binding down but it takes ages as I keep turning it over to the front to see the crisp ages. Not sad at all.

  4. MelD Says:

    Beautiful quilt, Helen! Most impressive. Is the quilting free-hand on the machine or do you trace a pattern, or how does it work? It looks so intricate! And finished so fast, wow 😉

  5. Wendy Says:

    It came out beautifully! Sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts as well. Creating that neat little edge is such satisfying work!

    Which model of Bernina is it? I would love to be able to learn to do the quilting myself but I’m afraid the machine required would break my bank…

  6. Julie Says:

    Absolutely exquisite!

  7. Any, any, any 5 comments | | Fall BloomerFall Bloomer Says:

    […] 5. I would really love to learn to machine quilt like this! […]

  8. CarlaHR Says:

    How absolutely stunning – I am sure that Rachel will love it. I missed this post as I’ve been out of commission with a broken little finger – on my right hand to boot – so no sewing or knitting for six weeks.

  9. Steph Says: