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Scrappy uglies.

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I’m still playing with the Whirligig blocks I mentioned yesterday. Such fun! I really love Carrie Nelson‘s no-waste method of making Flying Geese blocks. I don’t know who thought it up – whether it was Carrie herself, or someone else – but whoever it was, they deserve a medal. It’s so much easier than the traditional method that I’ve used in the past, there are no little difficult to ever use up itsy bitsy triangles left over and it seems to make more accurately sized blocks. I’m guessing that this is because there isn’t any bias stretch because diagonals are always sewn down the middle of squares and not along a bias-cut edge. It comes close to genius in my book!

As I have no staying power I’ve already started making some of the sashing between the blocks. Did I mention that I don’t have much patience? I couldn’t wait to see how it would look with them included. Without the sashing the blocks are too light for my taste and the dark  sashing really brings  richness into the whole thing. Lovely!

I’ve uncovered some of the most dreadful fabrics while digging through the stash. Many are so incredibly hideous that I can’t imagine what on earth possessed me to buy them. I suppose that I’ve been sitting on a lot of them for maybe 15 years and they really bring home to me how much not only my taste in fabrics has changed, but also how different the fabrics produced today are. This is the sort of quilt where I can use up a lot of the uglies. It is certainly going to have a super-scrappy look to it by the time I’m finished, but I like it and some of the ugly fabrics seem to have their own quirky charm in a quilt like this!

On the home front, the rain seems to have more or less stopped after being unrelenting for several weeks. The garden has burst into life. Some of my favourites, like dainty ballerina aquilegia….

and these gorgeous allium

are now blooming.

I laughed when I took my morning stroll through the garden today. My garden is blue and purple. OK, it has the odd pink or white bloom, but basically it’s blue and purple. Quite subconsciously those are the colours that I always gravitate to. It will change a little when the hollyhocks start to flower, but basically it’s blue. And quite unintentionally so.  But very restful and calm. Which I guess is how I want it to be!

So it’s back to the blocks for half an hour or so before I tackle the ironing mountain. Oh joy!

Wishing you a peaceful and calm weekend


3 Responses to “Scrappy uglies.”

  1. Karina Says:

    Lovely quilt pattern! Interesting that you always gravitate to blue and purple – so do I! My favourite stones are amethyst and blue topaz. My garden is full of forget-me-nots and purple pansies.
    Have a good day. xx

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I’m loving the blocks. And your allium is lovely.

  3. cathleen Says:

    Your quilt blocks and flowers are lovely. I especially love your allium. I don’t have any allium in my cottage garden. I don’t know why! Enjoy your quilting and strolling through the garden time.