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A big fat mess and a little slow progress

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

As you can see I’m coming towards the end with the rag rug. For some reason it seems to be taking forever and a day, which is funny really, because when I made the last one it seemed to get done so quickly. I guess the fairies haven’t been helping in the middle of the night this time!

A word of warning about making these rugs…actually there should be a couple of warnings:

  • They make a devil of a mess. Using a normal rotary cutter you end up with gazillions of long frayed off threads, whereas a serrated cutter is a lot better, but there are still billions and trillions of little threads. I have to hoover the wooden floor of my workroom at least 2-3 times a day because otherwise they would tread through the whole house.
  • They also make a mess because I have reams of ugly fabric all over the place and what with that and the size of the frame, there is absolutely no room to do anything else….so sorry…no sewing this week at all!
  • I’m also a little bit concerned as to how it is humanly possible that I have used up getting on for 15 yards of fabric – which is quite a lot in anyone’s books – and I can’t see any difference in the stash at all.

OK, OK, don’t tell me …..I have a problem. I know! But at least my problem is almost 15 yards less šŸ™‚


8 Responses to “A big fat mess and a little slow progress”

  1. Lush Says:

    You can do it Helen! You can do it Helen!! We are all rooting for you!! LOL
    I just read this blog entry this morning & I am concerned over what I have in storage but know that I don’t have to deal with that until February next year! Hahahaha
    the really sad thing?? I sooooo wanted to be at the garage sale buying MORE!!
    Somebody stop me!!

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    It looks fabulous, Helen.
    I’ve vowed not to buy anymore fabric but then I saw the Japanese charm swap and entered that. I was really good though and only bought half a meter more than I need šŸ™‚

  3. Susan Says:

    Don’t you have to reward yourself with 15 yards of nice, pretty fabric now?

  4. Sherry V. Says:

    The stash never seems to get smaller. . . . I’ve donated hundreds of yards of fabric, made pillowcases for a retreat, used fabric and the stash just doesn’t go away! And that is BEFORE I’ve gone shopping —- which, of course, just added even more!! LOL

    I think fabric reproduces faster than rabbits!

  5. CarlaHR Says:

    Helen, you are way too hard on yourself – I would say that you have made great progress on your rug.
    As for the fabric I don’t think you can have too much but then again my stash is still under control. It helps that there are no quilt shops near me – I do buy on the internet but it is usually for a specific project.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Boy, do I hear you about the mess – lint and loose threads are pretty common. I keep the vacuum close by when I make the rugs, too. I also put a large towel under the frame to corral some of the mess. Then I take the towel outside and give it a good shake.

  7. diane stanley Says:

    wow, you must have quite a stash of fabric. I usually buy fat quarters, so I don’t think I would have enough yardage for a rug.

  8. Katy Says:

    Oh, I think you have several problems šŸ˜‰ That would wipe out about half my yardage lol