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Rag Rugs 2

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Here is the final part of the rag rugs tutorial.

I keep working on both ends at the same time until the rug starts to look like it finally will meet in the middle. It must meet in the middle rather than at the ends because it would be impossible to get the right level of tension with all those nails in the way – you would have no knuckles left! Also I find it helps in balancing colour distribution to work both ends simultaneously.

Once the gap becomes very small winding the fabric becomes quite fiddly and I finally resort to using the blunt ends of my scissors to push it through. Make it all as tight a fit as is humanly possible.

Once the ends meet, then tie off the ends at the back of the rug and stitch them down. Try as much as possible not to make this too bulky. You may find it easier to stitch down the ends once the rug is off the frame. I do.

Then the moment of truth….pull out the metal rods which have been holding the tension at the sides and pop the ends over the nails….and hey presto, your rag rug is done!

Here mine is, brightening an otherwise rather boring bathroom!


8 Responses to “Rag Rugs 2”

  1. Kathy E. Says:

    It is LOVELY! You have caused me to want to get my large crochet hook out and crochet up a rectangular rug from my scraps… I have only done ovals so far. I don’t have a rug loom, and locker-hook moves slowly and gets very heavy for the size I want, so I really like the quickness and ease of working with crochet. Perhaps I can work on this while Hurricane Isaac roams through our neck of the woods tomorrow?

    Your rug looks fabulous by your shower. Way to go! And lots of “uglies” have been repurposed. Boy, I REALLY need to weed out some “uglies” from my stash! And the scrap bins!

  2. Flying Blind Says:

    Still astounded that the miles of fuglies look so good once ‘converted’!

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    Gorgeous! I have an all-white bathroom too and keep thinking I need to bring in some colour. Maybe I’ll go and find some fabrics and make a patchwork mat to go in front of the bath.

  4. CarlaHR Says:

    Wasn’t it only yesterday that you were saying that you were not making good progress???

  5. ailsa Says:

    Lovely – is it hard on your hand?

  6. Katy Says:

    Well done! Turns out it wasn’t that slow after all lol

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Brilliant tutorial, thanks so much Helen. I’ve always knitted or crocheted my rag rugs up till now and they soon go out of shape. Now I know how to make proper rugs.

  8. diane stanley Says:

    This makes me want to buy ugly fabric just so I can make a lovely rug.