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Thank you!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to comment about their experiences of combing working and family and going back to work after a long break….it was great to see that I’m not alone and that it’s do-able.

I realize that I have to stop trying to be supermom and super housewife, or frankly super anything. That’s a tough one because there’s a perfectionist hiding in me and I’m a big organizer, but I think I need to just let things go a bit and relax (while secretly hoping that someone else will pick up the slack….)

I certainly don’t have the energy I had 20 years ago and I know that if I overdo things the first result is pretty much guaranteed to be a migraine, which isn’t a lot of fun for anyone, me especially. So sleep is going to be high on the agenda and also perhaps trying to have one day a week when I get things done and another where I specifically don’t. I really like the idea of a day for me, when I don’t do housework and shopping, because you know as well as I do that that sort of work is frankly never done and I could so easily end up playing catch up all the time.

It’s been hard for me to realize that I can’t manage to blog every day like I have for the last few years….I keep looking at my declining stats and wincing…but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. I had got pretty addicted to checking how many people were reading and trying hard to keep the numbers up, but at the end of the day that’s really just putting myself under extra pressure that I don’t need. I’ll probably never be one of the big time bloggers, but you know, that’s OK. I have a lovely bunch of readers and I’ll blog when I can and when I have something to say or to show – and I hope you’re fine with that.

And now I guess I’d better get back to keeping the show on the road…

Have a great Wednesday!


15 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Annabella Says:

    Sounds like a plan Helen!

  2. Do Says:

    You have to enjoy what you do, otherwise there is no point!

  3. Susan Says:

    You will find your new normal šŸ™‚ these things just take some time. I really hope you can prevent the migraines — I’ve had some mild ones and they are horrible.

  4. Julie Says:

    I will always be a part of your blog stats no matter how frequently you post. xxoo

  5. Gertie Says:

    Stop checking your stats – your blog is for you! Those of us that enjoy reading it will visit regardless of how often you post. I’m sure you will soon find your balance and then you will wonder what you did before you were working!

  6. CarlaHR Says:

    As others have said don’t worry about the stats – those of us who read your blog will be there no matter how often you post.
    Take it one day at a time and you will soon develop a workable routine for yourself.

  7. Flying Blind Says:

    It will all reach an equilibrium you are happy with soon enough, just try to enjoy it xxx

  8. Ailsa Says:

    I agree with Gertie, don’t check the stats! Your regular readers will continue to follow your blog how ever often you post.

  9. Katy Says:

    Och, I’m sure you only checked the stats because you love numbers, now you have a whole new set of numbers to play with at work šŸ˜€

  10. Tricia Says:

    I, for one, am sticking with you even if you only blog every once in a while! When you do blog, you are real and interesting and entertaining and inspiring…what’s not to love about that?! It will probably take the perfectionist in you quite a while to “let go” a bit (I know, I used to be like that, too!), but it will happen one day. You could even make the “me” days “go down easier” by picking 2 days a month or something like that so you don’t feel like you are taking too much time for yourself—no one can say that 2 days a month is diva-like behavior (not even you!). Let us know what you are up to when you can and your faithful readers will be excited to hear from you!And don’t forget that creating is what feeds the soul and allows you to do everything else that you need to/have to do in your life!
    Take care,

  11. Lun Says:

    I’ve only found your blog a few months back but really enjoy reading it so I’m another who will keep checking for posts no matter how infrequently you feel like writing. I can certainly sympathise with the perfectionist aspect of your life as well as the migraines that frequently follow! For every disadvantage of ageing there’s a positive side – so even though you have less energy than you did 20 years ago you’ve made up for it with the wisdom to realise that you have to be gentler on yourself.

  12. Elisabeth Says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Blog whenever you want to and not when you feel you have to. You’re in my Google Reader so I’ll always read your latest blog post whenever I get a few minutes to myself. Just make sure you take care of yourself!

  13. diane stanley Says:

    I think balance is key and you have to find what works for you. Do you have Instagram? I have found since starting an IG account I blog less but I can still stay in touch with my friends and it is less work. I only blog the big stuff or when I really want to share a lot. Try it, I love it and would love to see you on IG. xoxo

  14. Paige Says:

    I love your blog. You write well and your topics are always so interesting (at least to me!). I’ve spent the past week de-cluttering my google reader–so many of the running blogs I was reading were actually more like ads from sponsors, and it’s so tedious to weed through all that. It’s always a pleasure to know that when you’ve written a new post, it will be thoughtful, well-written, and a pleasure to read and mull over. Plus the eye candy fabric photos don’t hurt!

    I can’t speak to returning to the work force after a hiatus, but can add that as my teens have gotten older, I’ve just piled more tasks upon them. Nothing outrageous (dishes in/out of dishwasher, rooms clean, countertops wiped, trash and recycling out, laundry either sorted or folded), and have just learned that if they don’t do it, then well, it just won’t get done. and really, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world.

  15. Kathryn Says:

    Yes, combining work and family is manageable – though I’m afraid it does mean I’m not great at commenting on blogs ;). I’m surprised at how well (on the whole) a few months of working full time has worked out. Having teenagers to help with the school run for their little sister has been a big help. I now have two months of combining work, family and studying coming up. I’m hoping that won’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!