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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

2015-08-16 14.00.45

I’m not really much of a pink girl, but I’ve been working on this pink lady for a good while now – economy blocks in all the Tilda fabric in my collection. Very girly, very pretty….but I underestimated how much work all those teeny blocks would be.

Never mind, they are done now and this is heading for quilting. Maybe this weekend.

2015-08-16 14.00.54


I’ve been wiped out with a summer cold/flu virus, so I’m at home lying around and once I get rid of the headache that goes with this lurgy I feel a little sewing may be just the thing!

Hope you are feeling better than me!


5 Responses to “Pink”

  1. mrs.goodneedle Says:

    The quilt is lovely; feel better, Helen!

  2. Betty Says:

    Glad you’re still able to sew!
    And I love the girly, pinky one!

  3. Amy at love made my home Says:

    Fantastic quilt!! I hope that you are feeling better soon. xx

  4. Dianne neale Says:

    Aha! I recognise that one. Looks lovely, and the wide border is a clever idea to avoid another 40 or 50 economy block!

  5. Diane stanley Says:

    Good to see you sewing. I miss being in touch with you.