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Whirligig is done…it’s definite

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

I feel as though I’ve been writing about my Whirligig quilt for months. Well today, in between taking my daughter to start in a new class at school, washing the floors and visiting an old friend and her very new baby, I managed to finish the binding. And that means that it is really truly finished.

So thanks to Carrie Nelson for a great pattern and to Chris at the Quilt Room for some lovely long arm quilting!

I love this quilt. I love the fact that it is bright and colourful to counteract the long, cold, grey days of winter. I love that I made it with scraps that had been languishing in my fabric stash for way, way too long and that a lot of them were frankly hideous but worked in a quilt like this. I love that I was brave enough to send it away for my first (positive) experience of professional long arm quilting. And I sort of love the fact that the first leaves are starting to fall off the trees and there is a touch of autumn in the air in the early mornings and it won’t be too much longer until I can start using it (although I would also be very,very happy if we had a long, warm Indian summer before the snow comes!)

As you can imagine, I’m now dreaming about what to tackle next. I realized though while I was searching for possible fabrics to bind the Whirligig, that I don’t really have many large fabric pieces. Which means that it’s looking seriously like being another scrap quilt; maybe another Carrie Nelson scrap quilt. But as I like scrap quilts best anyway and I’m sticking to my guns about not ordering more fabric, that is perfectly fine with me!

Watch this space!


5 Responses to “Whirligig is done…it’s definite”

  1. Heidi F Says:

    It turned out beautiful! You did an awesome job and I love that it’s al scraps. Makes it even better.

  2. Pam E. Says:

    I love scrappy quilts. I love your quilt. I know you’ll enjoy it.

  3. cathleen Says:

    Helen…it’s just beautiful. The colors are just so happy!

  4. Vreni Says:

    I love the scrappy binding. I have never done that, but it looks great, especially since it’s a scrappy quilt. I might give it a go next time I don’t have enough fabric for a binding.

  5. Ramey Channell Says:

    Ah, so beautiful! I love your Whirligig quilt. The colors are amazing.
    I found your blog through my sister’s Blackberry Creek blog.