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Back on track…or thereabouts

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

The tumult of yesterday has blown over. I managed to have a gin and tonic, a bath and an early night, so woke early with a new perspective on life – thankfully! Today the rain has stopped, so I put on a dress and went to church, after which I met my husband (the non church-goer) and went to the Kunsthaus in Zürich to see a collection of photos by the German photographer Thomas Struth. If you happen by any chance to be in Zürich or have the chance somewhere else to see Struth’s work, do take the time to go and see his photos. One of his nature scenes is shown above.

The photos are rather spectacular. We seldom get to see photos blown up to giant size and Struth has some very cool works which are photos taken within museums like the Pergamon in Berlin, the British Museum, the Chicago art museum. I loved seeing famous works of art in their museum setting and also the reactions of the visitors to the galleries photographed with them.

Now I’m home again for a slow Sunday afternoon. I’m almost finished my wrap around cardigan, so I guess I’ll work on that for a little while and then see where I get with the other bits and pieces which need finishing. It doesn’t feel like a day to be starting something new, but rather one to potter on with projects in progress. Hopefully in a day or two I may have something finished to show you – the cardigan if nothing else!

Here’s hoping you have time to slow down and potter a little today…


3 Responses to “Back on track…or thereabouts”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday Helen!

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Glad to hear the rippit has died down. Sounds like you had a good Sunday.

  3. MelD Says:

    Mmh, I wouldn’t allow it either. And my daughter is nearly 15!
    Have you ever looked at the bye-laws, incidentally? Being CH they do vary a lot, but I remember seeing something about kids under 16 not being allowed out without adults after 10 pm… you might even have the law on your side, even if there’s nobody “official” enforcing it…
    It is true, the Swiss seem very casual about these things to me – just today an acquaintance whom I know as a caring and careful parent was telling me how her 14 yr old daughter didn’t arrive home till after 2 am at the weekend, when the agreed time was 11. The only reason she was angry was because the daughter didn’t answer her mobile… *headshake in disbelief*!!! My own daughter’s evening forays are still limited to the church youth club where they are brought home ca. 10.30-11 and if cinema alone, either with her older sisters or matinée showings with friends. But perhaps she’s really still young for her age. Having said that, I didn’t have this kind of trouble with the older two, either, who were more precocious.
    Yes, parenting IS the hardest job in the world and sometimes you just have to know you’re right and exercise tough love. They will get over it, believe me!! And later, if not now, they will appreciate that you cared – promise 😉 (I have proof LOL!)

    It sounds like Sunday put your life back in kilter, anyhow, thanks for the exhibition tip – my husband had asked if I wanted to go while he was in a meeting recently and it didn’t seem appealing, but your description has whetted my appetite for some art again and I will go soon!